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4-Bottle Easy Load Nitrogen Cart

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4-Bottle Easy Load Nitrogen Cart Key Information

  • Pressure Range: Dual use 0-300 psi and 0 – 3,300 psi
  • Item Part Number: NBNT-4

4-bottle easy load nitrogen service cart with dual use charging system

4-Bottle Easy Load Nitrogen Cart Overview

The Newbow Aerospace range of nitrogen service carts offers unrivalled quality, performance and reliability.

The 4-bottle variant has a unique design allowing four nitrogen cylinders to be loaded or off-loaded simultaneously by a single person.

The cylinder stowage tray is linked to a double acting hydraulic ram and hand pump, allowing the user to simply work the hand pump, resulting in the four cylinders pivoting into the load or off-load position.

This specific design incorporates all relevant occupational health & safety (OHS) requirements for manual handling and allows operators to undertake their desired tasks safely and efficiently.

The dual use, colour coded low and high pressure certified charging panel is housed within a waist-height weather-proof cabinet and features one calibrated inlet pressure gauge and two calibrated outlet pressure gauges.

The low pressure (330 psi) and high pressure (3,300 psi) charging configuration is operated by self-venting regulators, secondary isolation valves and built-in excess pressure relief valves allowing for optimum pressure settings to be achieved.

The nitrogen cart is equipped with two auto-retractable hose reels each with 9-metre length outlet hose, allowing for easy access around aircraft nose and main landing gear.

The Newbow Aerospace nitrogen service cart is compatible with any make and model aircraft in service. End user country compatible gas cylinder connection stems will be provided where possible.

Accurately maintained aircraft tyre pressures and landing gear struts will contribute towards increased tyre life, performance and safety.

Technical Specifications

  • Dual range (low and high) charging configuration
  • Self-venting regulators and secondary isolation valves
  • Auto retractable hose reels (low and high pressure)
  • Easy load cylinder stowage tray, one person operation
  • Integrated towing arm and parking brake (Lift and lock system)
  • Zinc phosphate primer with top layer powder coat finish
  • Ground Support Equipment BS EN Compliant
  • Certified
  • Serviceable
  • Fully traceable
  • Accurate, reliable and robust


  • This unit can be offered with an integrated, fully piped high pressure gas booster / intensifier.
  • In-situ gas cylinder re-fill port
  • Any colour finish available
  • 76 mm towing eye
  • Rear towing attachment for multi-cart towing
  • Rear wheel mud / splash guards
  • Heavy-duty weather-proof cover
  • Foam filled tyres
  • The nitrogen cart can be configured and tailored to specific customer requirements

Aircraft Types and OEMs

AdamGeneral DynamicsBritten Norman
Aermacchi (Alenia Aeronautica)GrobCessna
Agusta WestlandHawker BeechcraftDassault
AirbusHondaJetDiamond Aircraft
Airbus Helicopter IAIEclipse
BAeMcDonnell DouglasEurofighter
Boeing RotorcraftNihonGeneral Atomics
Bombardier NomadDiamond Aircraft
Britten NormanNorthropEclipse
Diamond AircraftPZL MielecFokker
EclipseRussian HelicopterGeneral Atomics
EurofighterSabrelinerSino Swearingen

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