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Small Tyre Valve To Axle Jack Hose Kit

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Small Tyre Valve To Axle Jack Hose Kit Key Information

  • Pressure Range: 0-500 psi
  • Part Number: PO54665

Small size tyre valves to axle jack

Small Tyre Valve To Axle Jack Hose Kit Overview

The Newbow Aerospace range of axle jack hose pressure kits offer versatility and efficiency during aircraft wheel change procedures when using pneumatic assisted axle jacks.

The axle jack hose pressure kit features a four-metre length hose assembly with a centrally mounted isolation control valve to regulate gas flow.

The screw-on tyre valve adapter can be connected to the wheel that is being removed from the aircraft and the opposite end of the hose will connect direct to the axle jack pneumatic connection.

When in use, the tyre gas is safely regulated direct to the axle jack to assist with overall operation.

The double braided high pressure hose features an external rubber covering offering superior durability during use on the apron or within the hangar.

The axle jack hose pressure kit can be configured to mate with any make and model axle jack.

Technical Specifications

  • Connects to aircraft wheel and axle jack
  • Four metre length allows safe working distance
  • Double braided hose with outer rubber covering
  • Swaged end fittings
  • Screw-on tyre adapter for small size tyre valves
  • Female hose termination supplied with separate female bayonet adapter
  • Precise isolation valve to regulate gas flow
  • Extremely robust
  • Released with OEM Certificate of Conformity
  • Serviceable
  • Fully traceable


  • This unit can be offered with any customer specific interface adapter to allow connection to any make and model axle jack
  • This unit can be provided with clip on tyre valve adapters

Aircraft Types and OEMs

AdamGeneral DynamicsBritten Norman
Aermacchi (Alenia Aeronautica)GrobCessna
Agusta WestlandHawker BeechcraftDassault
AirbusHondaJetDiamond Aircraft
Airbus Helicopter IAIEclipse
BAeMcDonnell DouglasEurofighter
Boeing RotorcraftNihonGeneral Atomics
Bombardier NomadDiamond Aircraft
Britten NormanNorthropEclipse
Diamond AircraftPZL MielecFokker
EclipseRussian HelicopterGeneral Atomics
EurofighterSabrelinerSino Swearingen

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