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Newbow Aerospace launches Nite-Lite

Newbow Aerospace, a leading design, manufacturer and supplier of Ground Support Equipment to the aviation industry, is excited to launch Nite-Lite, an innovative range of self-illuminating aircraft tyre inflation tooling.

The specially developed ground support equipment, which includes the aircraft tyre inflation tools, tyre pressure checking gauge and strut service tooling is 100 % self-illuminating allowing for instant visibility during dark environments.

Key benefits and safety features include:

  • Instant visibility during dark environments.
  •  Analogue operation, NO batteries required, eliminating the risk of battery failure during use.
  • 100% self-illuminating, does not require power.
  • Does not require ATEX or Class 1 Div 1 certification unlike digital gauges when used with aircraft.
  • No additional on-cost or separate components required.
  • Instant pre-use accuracy check.
  • Fast and effective routine calibration.
  • Fully serviceable, spare parts available to allow in-field operator maintenance.
  • Existing standard equipment can be fully upgraded with Nite-Lite dial face.
  • The full range of tyre pressure checking gauges, tyre inflation tools and strut service tools are suited to every commercial and defence aircraft in service.
  • Calibrated and certified to industry standards.

Marc Green, Sales Director for Newbow Aerospace said: “We are excited to launch the Nite-Lite product range to our portfolio of ground support equipment. These specially developed products will improve safety and help with making turnarounds more efficient for the engineers.”


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