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Aircraft Tyre Inflation Kit 003EL


Item: A/C tyre inflation / charging kit – suitable for aircraft with large size tyre valves

  • Kit Contents;
  • 1 x Hand held A/C tyre inflation tool
  • 1 x tyre inflation hose c/w large valve charging adapter
  • 1 x protective carry case
  • Hand held unit with knurled grip area
  • Ergonomic and user friendly design
  • 350 psi working pressure range
  • Calibrated to an accurate tolerance of +/- 1.5% FSD (Full Scale Deflection)
  • 5 psi increments to offer optimum tyre pressure settings
  • Gauge fitted inside a protective rubber shroud
  • Inflate, deflate & bleed facility
  • Internal felt filter eliminates impurities and debris passing into the tyre
  • ‘dead-man’ lever operation – pull to inflate – let go to stop inflation
  • Fast flow rate
  • High quality upper and lower operating valves
  • Meets EN837-1
  • Meets P.E.D & P.E.R
  • Two (2) metre length for safe and practical working distance
  • Rubber external hose with double braided steel inner
  • 1 x charging hose c/w large valve inflation adapter
  • charging adapter safely screws on to the tyre valve
  • Zero leak rate during connection / disconnection and inflation
  • Fast flow rate
  • Quick-fit adapter fitted on inlet of hose allows easy interchange between inflation tools

The ’003EL′ tyre inflation set provided by Newbow Aerospace is suitable for ANY make and model aircraft that is fitted with large size tyre valves. The complete kit is extremely safe, fast and easy to operate. Currently is use across the globe by more than 200 airlines and MRO’s.

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